Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Imagine for a moment, arriving at work and as you approach realising that your office has been burgled.  What thoughts and fears would run through your mind? How would you feel?

If you have been running your business so far without any incidents then you can consider yourself lucky… for now. You may think that it will never happen to you but you will have heard of similar cases where offices were burglarised, vandalised or suffered from fire.  All of these incidents would lead to loss of office contents/assets and revenue, which massively interrupts your business operations.

While it is normal for us to safeguard our homes but we may fail to take similar precautions for our workplaces. It’s hard to anticipate disaster, however you should consider taking critical preventive measures to protect the business you worked so hard to build. Every business has its own set of risks or challenges and obtaining office insurance can help overcome such unexpected events.

Who is it for?

No matter what your industry is, it is critical to protect your business premises, equipment, products or services as well as your customers.

With the right cover, even when faced with unforeseen calamity, you can continue to run your business operations by receiving financial assistance under such plans.

Professional offices which would require office insurance cover:

  • Accounting & bookkeeping offices
  • Architect offices
  • Advertising offices
  • Attorney or legal/lawyer offices
  • Business administrative offices
  • Business and management consultancy offices
  • Computer hardware consultancy offices
  • Consultancy offices
  • Call centres
  • Data Processing services
  • Digital services – marketers, developers, graphic designers
  • Employment placement services
  • Executive search services
  • Insurance agency services
  • Management offices
  • Real estate agency and brokers’ offices
  • Secretariat services
  • Small Office, Home Office (SOHO)
  • Trustee and custody offices
  • Telemarketing services
  • Wedding planning services
  • And many more…

What is covered?

As a business owner, apart from shielding your business and its content, you should also protect your employees and customers who you interact with from various risks.

The following are some common business insurance options covered in the office insurance policy;

Cover type: What is covered:
Fire Covers damage to, or loss of, your business premises, equipment, and furniture (content) caused by fire, lightning and/or explosion.
Burglary Protection against damage to your building, loss of goods and products in the event of a break-in and/or burglary of your business premises.
Money Protect your hard earned money, cheques or money orders kept in your business property against theft. Most policies will also cover against losses incurred whilst funds are in transit to the bank.
Plate glass Get coverage to replace shattered glass doors or windows in showrooms, shops, offices or buildings with the plate glass insurance.
Public liability Public liability insurance indemnifies you against legal liabilities to third parties should any accidents occur during your business operations. For example, if customers accidentally fall or slip in your premises, then this coverage will help negate some of the financial burdens.
Employer’s liability Shields employers from any legal liability claims made arising from work related accidents or illnesses sustained by employees.
Fidelity guarantee Covers financial losses due to fraud or dishonesty in the workplace committed by your employees.
Loss or damage of goods Secure your goods against any loss or damage caused by fire, accident or theft.
Client’s personal effects Covers the loss or damage of your client’s personal belongings.
Hospital cash Protects you by providing daily cash payments during hospitalisation to help relieve financial stress.
Personal accident Protect yourself and your loved ones by against financial burdens when confronted by accidents. These plans cover medical expenses and loss of income.
Infectious disease When faced with specific infectious illnesses, such plans cover hopitalisation and treatment expenses.


Understanding that every business is different, you could opt for a standard office insurance policy and add on other plans taking into account your business industry and associated risks to avoid massive operational interruption.

As a business owner, you want to save as much as possible and find the best policy, at the best rate. You can now easily view the best coverage options available on Start your preparations now and save money!

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